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Amazing Grace Poem | Ryan Ngala

Edited, Recited, Typed & Written  By 
Mr. Ryan Ngala Ryan Ngala's Poems™ | STN® Poetry™ |
I see my vision,
As I glare through my television,
Hoping that one day,
I can become a star,
I can make a brighter future,
One day I will go far.

To be in whoever I want to be in life,
So I can strive,
In the highest obstacle,
And achieve on the highest pedestal.

I can embrace,
On the right path,
One day I will do better in math,
I can make a brighter future in my success,
In hoping that one day I can become the very best.

One day I will go further,
I rise to the top of the tallest mountain,
I'm never gonna stop,
As I reach to the highest bidder.

Like Rick Ro$$ say,
I want to be "Rich Forever",
I want to become a writer,
To become a better rhymer,
As I reach to the top,
Of the tallest skyscraper.