About The Poet

Ryan Ngala is a blog reporter, video editor/producer, and poet of STN® Poetry & His Own Poetry blog Ryan Ngala’s Poems™, as a webcast anchor & managing editor of “STN Pelevision News With Ryan Ngala” alongside with “STN News”, “STN E.T.C News” & “RTN News”.

But during his writing skills, of all things poetry and reporting he has a lot to learn with his grammar skills getting in the way of getting so great with his good stories that some will make sense and some will not, he has a ambition, to report stories from around the world as his motivation for journalism has helped him allot spending his days at his old after school program going to HarlemLive.

He puts his hard work on everything that he does to make sure that his blog report gets fully recognized by anyone who reads it, despite his talents for reporting and writing poems he cares about allot for the community.


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